Phone Installation

There are several private companies that provide local phone service in Ontario. By calling or visiting a provider store you may easily purchase a wireless phone in a matter of minutes and a home phone installation in a few days. Below you will find the contact information for the top service providers in Canada:

There are a variety of different wireless plans offered through the providers listed above. You may choose on the basis of cost or on the conditions of the contract.

A home phone purchase is made after permanent residence is confirmed. There is no extra charge for local calls made on the home phone. Long distance telephone service will cost extra if a long distance plan is not added to the initial home phone payment plan. An alternative to a long distance plan is using a ‘phone card’, which is available for purchase at any convenience or grocery store. Packaged plans are also offered by the providers to reduce overall household spending. Some package deals combine, home phone, internet, cable, and cellular service.

Public telephone booths are located on many streets, as well as in businesses, public buildings and subway stations. Local calls at a phone booth cost 50 cents. 911 emergency calls that connect you to police, firefighters, and paramedics are free.

Telephone directories can be obtained free of charge online. Canada411 lists all local individuals and commercial telephone subscribers. YellowPages provides a list of businesses by the services they provide. Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS) provides the contact information of all government departments.

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Note: The University of Toronto Bookstore in collaboration with Bell offers Faculty & Staff Cell Phone plans.