Hiring a Mover & Expenses

Hiring a Mover & Expenses

Moving agreements:

The University of Toronto has agreements with Armstrong International Movers Ltd/Armstrong Moving and AMJ Campbell to provide moving services at a discounted rate. Please inform the companies that this is a University of Toronto move.

  • To request a quote from Armstrong Moving please contact: Angelo Lepore, Director, International at 905-795-6680 (or : 1-800-670-4400); or via e-mail at angelo@armmove.com.
    • For domestic relocations (Intra-Canada, or U.S./Canada): Cheryl Caissie at 905-795-6781 (or 1-800-670-4400); or via e-mail at cheryl@armmove.com.
    • For international relocations: Angelo Lepore at 905-795-6680 (or 1-800-670-4400); or via e-mail at angelo@armmove.com
    • For domestic and international laboratory or sample relocation’s; Christopher Loubert , Director at 905-795-6792 (or 1-877-589-8805); or via email at chris@armstrongst.com
    • Please visit their websites: www.armmove.com
  • To request a quote from AMJ Campbell Van Lines/ AMJ International, call David Dixon, Vice President of Corporate Sales, at 905-795-3638 or 647-286-3649, or by email ddixon@amjcampbell.com.
    • Domestic moves within Canada
    • Cross border moves from the United States to Canada
    • International moves from overseas to Canada
    • Please visit their websites: www.amjcampbell.com

    Duration of Agreement: April 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2022

Processing the moving expenses:

Reimbursement for moving expenses is part of the recruitment package prepared for you by your department. Please consult your chair or dean regarding the protocol in your faculty and the method of processing your expenses.

When using a moving company, new faculty members should obtain at least two quotes and submit them to your chair or dean for approval in advance.

Useful moving links:

Links to useful sites concerning moving checklists, moving your kids, etc.