Setting Up Your Office

Within your faculty, the Dean or the Chair and the Business Officer are the most important points of contact. The Business Officer provides you with access to many of the other University services you require.


  • Corporate Credit Card: The University has a program through which you can receive a no-charge corporate credit card. Contact your Business Officer for information.
  • E-mail Account: The Business Officer will arrange for on-campus access to electronic mail upon your request. Faculty are responsible for arranging access from home. UTORexchange is the institutional email service for faculty and staff. If you are a new faculty or staff member, you will get a UTORexchange account when you activate your UTORid.
  • Textbook Ordering: Your department/faculty (usually the Undergraduate Secretary) will provide you with instructions on ordering texts in advance for your classes. You can receive a 10% discount at the University of Toronto Bookstore on bookstore purchases billed through your department.


Procurement Services


Serving Canada’s largest university community the University of Toronto Bookstore is the city’s premier academic bookstore. It offers some 100,000 titles from every discipline, from kids’ books to artificial intelligence. The University of Toronto Bookstore caters to students, faculty, staff, and the general public.